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Hit the Dirt Masthead Dave Barkshire Motorcycles About the Track

Hi guys, just to say this years track opening hours are:

Between 29th March and 25th October

(British Summer Time)

Track opening times are: 10am - 4pm (10.00-16.00) BST

Between 26th October and 28th March

(During Winter)

The track opening times are: 10am - 3pm (10.00-15.00)

This year’s opening schedule has allowed us to prepare the track better and to open it more than last year.

The track is ONLY open on Saturdays and Sundays or by prior appointment with Dave Barkshire Motorcycles. Please check the diary dates page for more details.

Riding Note: Riding the track when it is closed is illegal and will be dealt with accordingly, as the track is monitored by the Police. Riding the track when closed endangers yourself and others and may ruin the track and enjoyment for all other riders.

Enjoy a Lap around the Track

Steve Mason kindly did a lap of the track and recorded a video. Steve is one of the leading Eastern Centre’s riders. This is worth a view, and is available to see here, many thanks Steve...

Please remember we are always open to suggestions for the track. At the moment we are using a small questionnaire/ feedback form, so please do fill it in so we can get your views and opinions and get an understanding of what likes and dislikes are. This will greatly help us build on and improve the track, services and facilities.

Remember the track needs your support and use to keep it running.

We will endeavour to keep the track open during any inclement weather throughout 2024.

If the track becomes water logged, it might be in the interests of all riders that we close the track, with a view to opening the following week after trying improve the situation.

On the Track 6

Please understand that your safety is paramount and although many of you want to ride, the safety of all riders is the chief concern of our staff at the track and comes first and foremost. Your understanding in these difficult situations would be most appreciated (so stop bloody moaning lol).

For Track Conditions, check out our facebook page at: Hit The Dirt

Send us your photos or movies?

We’d like to hear about your days riding at Hit the Dirt! No matter how long ago or how good the picture..!

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Absolutely awesome track!

ideal opportunity to get that last minute practise in before events. perfect to set the bike up with also or just have a laugh with your mates!... Luke Yallop